AUTOMOTIVE The automotive industry is quickly moving toward increased use of virtual proving grounds to replace expensive physical prototyping and testing. This move is driven by substantial cost savings and quality improvements.

However, in order to use virtual proving grounds, engineers need confidence that their simulation model results agree with the physical tests.

RAMDO UQ and RAMDO V&V provide this cofidence by taking real-world variability into account to validate simulation models to the physical tests.

Applications of RAMDO

When engineers use RAMDO V&V to validate their simulation models to physical test results, they are better able to predict simulation model errors with confidence. RAMDO’s highly accurate and efficient software helps engineers understand how to adjust their models to save time and cost.


Applications could include:

Validation of simulation models to physical testing

Fatigue and Durability

Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH)

Crash and Safety

Case Study Spotlight

Passenger Restraints

RAMDO UQ was used in conjunction with vehicle crash simulation to predict human population most at risk for injury.

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