RAMDO Solutions, LLC Job Positions


We are currently looking for an individual with a MS or PhD in computer science, mathematics, mechanical engineering, computer engineering, or other related field. The developer would be working with existing code and rewriting it using object-oriented programming methods to improve maintainability and efficiency of the code. The developer would primarily be carrying out development using MATLAB.


Requirements for the position are: minimum of 2 years of experience (graduate school work can count towards experience), understanding and knowledge of object-oriented programming, strong background in matrix algebra and mathematics, writing skills for writing technical project reports, ability to work both as a team and independently, self-motivated and hardworking, and a desire to continue learning and improving skills.


Desirable skills for the position are: Java, MATLAB, and agile development. Previous experience with MATLAB is the most desirable. Experience working with teams that use agile development is also desirable.


A competitive salary will be offered based on experience and knowledge.