How RAMDO Can Help


RAMDO Solutions provides comprehensive demonstration and training of how to use the RAMDO software. The training can be done online, at the users’ site, or at our site. The training can be customized for the users’ needs, covering specific RAMDO toolboxes in detail, or covering RAMDO overall.


RAMDO Solutions can provide a variety of consulting needs. We can help users from start to finish with defining UQ, V&V, and RBDO problems, connecting to a simulation tool, and post processing of the results. We can also provide consulting for specific needs, e.g., helping users define their RBDO problem. We can also work with users to create custom software plug-ins to interface RAMDO together with a commercial simulation solver, e.g., FEA, CFD, MBD, CEM, Casting Process Simulation, etc., or with an in-house simulation solver.

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