RAMDO is an engineering software tool that enhances computer simulation models by taking into account the variability of input variables. RAMDO’s distinctive tools allow engineers to deliver solutions and products that are more reliable, better optimized, safer, and less expensive. LEARN MORE



RAMDO’s UQ (Uncertainty Quantification) allows engineers to account for variability of input variables and efficiently generates highly accurate output distributions.


RAMDO V&V (Verification & Validation) allows engineers to statistically verify and validate their simulation models, even with limited output test data.


RAMDO RBDO (Reliability-Based Design Optimization) allows engineers to find an optimum design satisfying target reliabilities in a highly efficient manner.

RAMDO provides solutions focused on lightweighting, maps, virtual product development, and much more.


Predictive Mobility Maps

This case study shows how RAMDO UQ was used to create accurate and reliable mobility maps for off-road vehicle mobility.

Ground Vehicle Durability

This case study show how RAMDO RBDO was used to improve reliability, reduce weight, and increase fatigue life for a vehicle suspension part.

Passenger Restraints

This case study shows how RAMDO UQ was used in conjunction with vehicle crash simulation to predict human population most at risk for injury.